About Comevo

Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, Comevo is a software company dedicated to cultivating technology that streamline communication services. Our definitive product is not software; it is helping staff create programs that are more effective, which ultimately helps students and employees succeed.

Career Opportunities

Comevo is always looking for great talent. Comevo is a dynamic, growing software company located in San Luis Obispo, California which strives to create a positive, professional, and rewarding corporate culture and seeks to attract innovative, collaborative, and loyal employees.

In the Press

Here are some the latest events going on with Comevo.

Funding Resources

In today’s economic climate, many institutions of higher education are struggling with outdated, inefficient tools because they can’t find the funds to invest in services that, in the long run, will prove to be timesaving, cost-effective and beneficial to students.


At Comevo, we’re dedicated to helping our community and those who are less fortunate. Our employee volunteer program encourages – and rewards – staff who get involved with a local nonprofit or charity. And each year, our employees select a few organizations that will receive a percentage of our quarterly profits.