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Do you have limited staffing resources? Are you having difficulty tracking down the assets to build your online orientation? Relax, our Go-Live Project Manager can help.
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Eliminate the stress and let us help you!

Although it's not difficult, with limited staffing it takes time.....

To build a module, to collect content and media assets, etc.
With a Go-Live Project Manager you and your team will receive assistance to stay on track, gather content/media assets and more! Allowing you and your team to Go Live faster, while creating an informative and engaging online orientation experience for your users.

Having a Go-Live Project Manager provides you a...

  • Kickoff Meeting to develop strategy, set expectations, and timelines.
  • Weekly Status Check-In by email or Zoom to ensure we are on target.
  • Personalized project management and planning assistance.
  • Branded template and assistance gathering assets from stakeholders.
  • A PM to reach out to stakeholders to collect content and media assets.
  • Content and media are uploaded and placed in the module.
  • Nudge Automated Messages created, (if included in the package).
  • Our SaaS Implementation Specialist will work with your technical department to set up Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Unlimited training on all purchased Comevo services.
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