Higher Education

College and university student orientation programs have evolved dramatically over the past decade, and Comevo’s Launch Online Orientation has led the way. School staff are increasingly challenged to deliver a complete, well-rounded orientation to campus and the academic and support resources that exist to help students succeed. Our engaging, comprehensive, easy-to-implement online orientation software has provided colleges, universities and trade schools throughout North America with a dynamic online orientation experience that benefits students, faculty and staff.


The Construction industry has found Launch Online Orientation to be especially helpful due to all the ongoing safety training and orientation needs within the industry. Training new hires, on-site visitors and subcontractors and providing each of them with an in-depth orientation to your company is vital, yet it’s also extremely time-consuming. That’s why we developed our Launch Training & Orientation software: so your HR or Environmental, Health and Safety Directors can easily and efficiently provide new – and existing – employees with a complete, consistent presentation of the policies, procedures and information they need to get on board and begin contributing.

Government Training

City, county, state and federal government agencies share a common challenge: to provide all employees – in an efficient, cost-effective manner – complete, consistent training. Comevo’s customized orientation and training software ensures that your department’s staff receives the most up-to-date information in an interactive, engaging online experience.


Organizing the day to day work of a nonprofit while managing your staff, board and volunteers requires the right tools. Comevo’s online orientation and training software helps streamline volunteer orientation and management in an easy, affordable and flexible platform.


With a constantly evolving variety of technologies, procedures and best-practices, the healthcare industry makes great use of Comevo’s employee and volunteer training and orientation software. Without burdening the HR staff, our web-based program gives new hires and volunteers comprehensive, detailed instruction that is at their fingertips 24/7.