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Launch Online Orientation and Training for Government

Employee orientation and training has never been easier with Comevo’s Launch Software for Government. Agencies are able to train all their staff substantially, while only providing them with information that is relevant and pertinent to their position.

Launch Online Orientation Software by Comevo

In a government agency, it can be difficult to train all employees to the same standard. With Comevo’s customized services, government training is a breeze and you can be sure that your employees are only receiving information that is pertinent and relevant to their position. Whether it be a local, county, state, or federal government department or agency, Comevo can help create a tailored online orientation program to suit your organization’s individual needs.

“Before using Comevo, the quality and timeliness of our new employee orientations were inconsistent. Now using Comevo, we set the tone for success on the employee's first day. We define our organizational culture, set expectations, and provide information they need to succeed. Comevo was so easy to use. If you can create a PowerPoint, you can do amazing things with Comevo.”

Audrey Betcher
Rochester Library

Federal, state, county, and local governments all can benefit from Comevo’s Government training. In this industry, knowing that employees understand their roles and what is expected of them is key, and our service provides that and more.

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