Created by Smarter Services, SmarterMeasureTM is a tool used to indicate the degree to which an individual student possesses the attributes, skills and knowledge that contribute to success, including the following non-cognitive factors:

  • Self motivation
  • Time management skills
  • Self discipline
  • On-screen Reading Rate and Recall
  • Persistence
  • Availability of time
  • Ability to use a laptop, printer, software, and the Internet
  • Typing speed and accuracy

Comevo and Smarter Services’ have partnered to broaden the services available to both companies clients. By utilizing our services in tandem, colleges and universities can further ensure the success of their students.

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VolunteerHub (a product of Carr Engineering, Inc.) is a leading volunteer software program for volunteers and other organizations. Since 1996, VolunteerHub has provided software that streamlines event and volunteer registration, tracking, reporting, and recruiting.

Comevo’s partnership with VolunteerHub provides volunteer organizations with more than tracking and reporting software: now those organizations can enjoy the benefits of the best online training for their volunteers.

Comevo’s software offers volunteer organizations several benefits:

For the Volunteer:

  • Able to access and complete training anytime, anywhere
  • Compatible with any computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Help them share passion for your organization’s cause, enhance connection, and feel invited to be a part of the solution

For the Organization:

  • Customize content with text, audio, and video to engage – and more effectively train – your volunteers
  • Consistent content controlled centrally and distributed globally
  • Ability to easily update content anytime and from anywhere

National Orientation Directors Association

The mission of the National Orientation Directors Association is to provide education, leadership, and professional development in the fields of college student orientation, transition and retention.

Comevo is an affiliate member of NODA, and is proud to have the association as a client of our @school Online Orientation service.

 Written Productions, offers content production and content management services that range from ADA-compliant text to professional video production packages complete with scripting, actor coordination, and onsite filming. With packages of services that are customized to suit each client’s needs, Written Productions works with colleges and universities nationwide to design and implement comprehensive orientation programs. Some of the many services expertly delivered by the team at Written Productions include

  • project planning and coordination,
  • learning management system configuration,
  • captioning for ADA compliance,
  • programming of special features (pathforks, edFAQ, and Terms-to-Know),
  • foreign language translation,
  • complete set-up of multimedia modules in your Comevo @school management console
  • inputting and testing of all content (text, documents, graphics, photos, audio, videos, and quizzes).

Visit for more information, rates, and sample orientations. Contact Christine Brown at Written Productions for a quote on your project at 805-439-0635 or