Our free webinars are here to help provide resources to you and your team as you learn more about our Online Orientation and Training tools. View one, or several, of our previous webinars below.

Learn how a Successful Online Orientation Impacts Enrollment and Retention

Join us as we explore how a good Online Orientation engages with students and increases Retention. Senior Sales Representative, Dawn Sawyer, and guest panelist, Sally Wong, present on the effectiveness of Virtual Orientation for 2022’s FYE conference

Master Your Online Orientation Content And Engagement

Learn the key to mastering content creation and maximizing student engagement with our Content Coach, Jeff Sauer. Join us as we explore tips, tricks, and best practices for Online Orientation.

Advance Communication Hub- Interview with Comevo's Product Manager

Learn about Comevo’s latest product, Advance Communication Hub that consists of a checklist to keep students on track from admissions all the way until they graduate. Our interview with Comevo’s Product Manager provides an inside look at this new service.

Comevo Panel Discussion: Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University, with 20,000 attending on-campus and 70,000 more online, was looking for an online student orientation software solution that could handle their model, requirements, and vision when they contacted Comevo. Listen in on a conversation with them about:

  • their requirements;
  • why they chose Comevo Launch;
  • their experience;
  • their use of the software with modules for new student orientation, WOW training, parent/family with translation; and COVID-19 training.


FYE 2021- Online Orientation and In Person Programming - Together Again?

Learn how University of St. Francis and University of Louisville benefitted from Online Orientation and their plans moving forward.

  • presenters share:
    • what worked
    • what they would do differently in their next session
    • how to best use the reporting tools
    • suggestions of how break up information into different modules

Online Orientation Through the Rear-View Mirror

Comevo’s VP of Strategic Sales Doug Sawyer hosted a panel discussion to take a retrospective look at online orientation and discuss ways that educators can leverage Comevo’s Launch™ Online Orientation and Training software to move forward in navigating their future online orientations.


Webinar Participants:

  • Elgin Community College
  • Shawnee State University


Watch the informative discussion and make a checklist for how you can improve your orientations for next year.

3 Key Factors in Executing Online Orientation | Peer Panel Advice

Now that we have experienced changes in our Higher Education world that we never could have conceived, we have all become masters at pivoting and adjusting to the new norm.


Join your peers from Baker College and Clark State Community College for a panel discussion as we explore the best ways to adjust to change. This includes learning how to move forward, plan, prioritize, execute and successfully launch your online orientation.

5 Reasons Why Zooming Your Orientation Is Not Enough

For students, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools to pivot from their in-person student orientations to online, synchronous solutions such as Zoom.


Learn five reasons why this solution leaves students disconnected, disengaged and disoriented, and how augmenting it with Comevo’s Launch™ Online Orientation Software can complete the job.

3 Key Methods to Improve Communication with your Subcontractors: Advice from Andersen Construction

Training subcontractors can have its challenges especially when working with limited budgets and diverse groups of people during a global pandemic.


In this webinar you will learn how:

  • To save money with training and orientation using improved communication techniques with your subs;
  • To effectively train them in their native language;
  • To keep people informed in the ever-changing protocol with COVID.


Chad Sproul from Andersen Construction of the pacific northwest will share what they’ve done with Comevo’s Launch software to accomplish these goals.