Mission College

This Demo consists of 9 sections designed to help familiarize students with the tools needed to succeed as they transition and integrate into the college learning environment. This online orientation gives students an understanding of Mission College ranging from the campus overview to counseling and educational planning resources, through the use of text, videos and quizzes.

Concordia University, St. Paul

See how Concordia University, St. Paul uses text, video and images to introduce students to the university’s resources and services. See how the Launch Online Orientation delivers a clear understanding of CSP’s opportunities and an overview of the technology that students will use to enroll and participate in class.

Barstow College

Barstow College’s Online Orientation features a custom template designed to embrace the school’s branding. Photos, videos and written content were crafted to address the needs of incoming freshmen and provide them with enrollment information and an introduction to the College’s many student success resources.


Brazosport College

See how Brazosport uses text, video and images to communicate to their students all the resources, opportunities and things they need to know before attending. With the use of assessments and section timers administration can be sure to students are comprehending the information.

University of Maine at Augusta

This example of University of Maine at Augusta consists of 9 sections using our side bar navigation, engaging movement, including multiple videos, photography and quizzes to keep the your student engaged.

Santa Barbara Community College Orientation

This example online orientation is designed to introduce new community college students to campus resources, policies, and the tools they need to successfully transition into their new learning environment.