What is a rating scale – matrix question?

The rating scale – matrix question option deals with rating scales. On the scale below, a high number correlates to strong disagreement, while a low number correlates to strong agreement.

Writing a Matrix Question

The question example above was written as follows:

  1. A prompt
  2. Items that will be rated according to the prompt
  3. A rating scale composed of:
    1. Number of options
    2. Titles of each option

Do not forget to click “Save Question” when finished writing!

Rating Scale – Matrix Question Response Summary Report

If you run the Response Summary report in the Reporting area of the management console, it will look something like this.

As we noted before, the way we wrote our scale indicated that a lower score correlated with agreement, and a higher score correlated with disagreement. Administrators may use this data to see what information is clear to students, and what needs clarification. The above example might indicate clarification is needed on the topic of Tutoring.