Does your institution struggle to keep communication consistent with your students? Is it difficult to keep your students on task to ensure successful outcomes?

If so, learn more about the AdvanceChecklist.


Advance provides a seamless place to achieve step by step instructions, engagement with community, and facilitate the evolution of communication.  

This is a a one stop place to hold communication and ensure students are staying on task with checklists and more.

The checklist provides:

  • Connects to Launch, Capture, or Reflect

  • Supports hyperlinks and other linkable action items 

  • Completed items and flagged dates

  • Subtasks allowed, but not required for tasks

  • Sorting capabilities and more…


Is it mobile-friendly? Yes!

Is it ADA Compliant? Yes!

Is it able to be branded? Yes! Right now, we can add colors and school logo with more features coming soon.

Does Advance interface with other Comevo services? Yes! Advance interfaces with Launch, Capture, and Reflect. 

Can only authenticated students access the checklist? Is there a manual intake form?  Yes! There is manual intake form and  only authenticated students can access the checklist. 

Is this the final version? No! We’re already working on new features for Advance to make it more customizable and user-friendly.