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White Paper and Case Studies


Best Practices for Online Orientation

Orientation is the first stepping-stone in a student’s educational experience. The depth and breadth of a school’s orientation—the quality of the orientation experience—directly impact each student’s chances for success in college and beyond. The California Student Success Task Force notes that, “Extensive research has documented the importance of assessment, orientation, and informed education planning to set incoming students on a pathway to a successful outcome.”

The Orientation Transition Process

The Orientation Transition Process white paper discusses the challenges colleges and universities face with students trying to make the First Year transition and how to get them to utilize all the resources available to them to make the first year success.

Best Practices: Video in Online Orientation

Online orientation can be more effective if it integrates a diversity of resources, including audio, graphics, photos and video. This white paper shares some fundamental recommendations for incorporating video into your campus’s online orientation program.

University of Saint Francis Adopts Comevo's Software to Mitigate Negative Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic

The University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne (USF) had an immediate need to quickly transition their previously in-person orientation to online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After adopting Comevo’s Launch™ Online Orientation and Training software, USF was able to quickly and accurately provide important orientation information to their students while saving money and staff time.

Andersen Construction Saves $300k/year with Comevo

Comevo’s Launch™ Online Orientation and Training software allows Andersen Construction to tackle language barriers, strengthen content, save money and time and ultimately make the training process safer and more thorough. Andersen Construction is now able to put more time and money into actual projects rather than costly orientations saving roughly $300,000/year.