Several of the reports can be filtered by user information before generating the report.

Select the report you want to generate and complete the filter information:

There is the option to enter in all the information or just one of the fields. For example, you could enter Diane and it would pull up all the Diane’s in that time frame. If you just want one user, enter in their ID and it will generate a report with just their information.

The following reports have the filter feature available.

  • Usage: Displays a complete list of users who have entered your course.
  • Usage Spreadsheet: Creates a usage spreadsheet from the raw data.
  • Completion: Displays which users have completed your course.
  • Non-Completion: Displays which users have not completed the course.
  • Path Choices: View how many users have been through a path choice via the section name, parent path name and path name.
  • Individual Progress: Exit Points: View how long individual users spent on each section and at which section they exited the course before completion.
  • Individual Question Responses: View the percentage of correct responses and response rate per question by individual users.