The “All Content” report will show you all the content for a module in one report. The report is broken down by sections and pages including images and quizzes. This is useful if you are making edits and would like to view the content  without having to go into each section within the module. The report can be exported to Microsoft Word which will allow you to make edits on those pages. Use that as a guide to make the changes in your Management Console.

To generate this report, click on View Reports from your Home Screen in the Management Console. Under Choose Report select “All Content”.

Select which module you would like to view all the content for.

Click Generate.

Your report will show up in your Report Retrieval Area. Click on View to see the content.

This is how your report will appear. To have it in a Word document, click on Export to Word in the upper left hand corner. This is useful if you want to print your whole orientation for review.