We’ve all heard the expression: a picture is worth a thousand words. The truth is, investing thought and energy into the photos you include in your online orientation can make a profound difference in the overall impact.

Quality photos can convey much of the information we want new students to acquire: good photographs complement and supplement the written content, while also reinforcing the larger messages we want our orientations to deliver.


Before you begin to upload photos into the Launch Management Console, please review these requirements:

  • FORMAT: Only JPEG images are accepted (file extension .jpg or .jpeg).
  • SIZE: Be sure each image is no larger than 600×600 pixels or 72 dpi. Individual file sizes must be smaller than 1MB or 1000KB.
  • NAME: Name each photo with a short, descriptive phrase (e.g., “two students in nursing lab”) and note that names cannot be changed once they are uploaded.
  • WARNING: Uploading an image with an existing file name will overwrite the original file.
  • HELP: If you need assistance with resizing, please contact us.


You can upload images individually, or by batch. In the UPLOAD NEW IMAGES area of the Launch Management Console, simply go into an image folder (on your computer or network) using the browse button, select multiple images by holding the CTRL or Shift key, and then upload them into the image library. As long as each of the images you selected meets the size requirements, they will all be uploaded in a single batch.

Photos you upload using this tool will automatically be configured for placement on the righthand side of a page at a set size. (Using the Image Tool, you can modify placement and size. See below.)


For more customization options, you can choose to drop an image directly into a page. After you drag a photo (from your computer) and drop it into a page, you have the ability to the customize the position and size of the image by either pulling on the corner of the image or using the toolbox:

When you drag and drop an image, it will be automatically added to your image library.