In the manufacturing industry, the concept of lean production has grown rapidly as companies aim to promote efficiency. To put it simply, a lean system means “creating more value for customers with fewer resources” ( Lean thinking can be applied to all industries, including Education and Human Resources.


 Education Industry

Often times, departments within one educational institution can become disconnected, causing inefficiency and poor communication. For example, if there are three member schools within one district, and each school is using their own unique orientation software, excessive time and resources are being spent. Districts can instead streamline the new student orientation with budget friendly Enterprise Agreements that allows for unlimited usage. By purchasing one system or software for the entire district—that all schools can utilize—more value is created with fewer resources. Leveraging one technology is not only cost effective, but it’s also efficient.

With Comevo’s orientation software, orientations or presentations can easily be customized to fit the needs of different departments. Beyond new student orientation, modules can be created for First-Year Seminars to push student success topics. Other departments have their own content and groups of students to communicate with such as:

-Financial Aid


-Career Services

-Students on academic probation,

-Greek life and clubs

-HR for onboarding college or university staff

The goal is to get information to students in a convenient and engaging format, not to replace administrator contact but to free up administrator time to better assist students one-on-one.


Corporate HR Industry

When it comes to corporations, many departments need specific training programs that for their employees. With Comevo’s software, multiple departments can customize their training including safety orientation, HR training, or department specific orientation. Modules can also be created for annual training programs such as sexual harassment for managers.

Departments such as Marketing, Sales, and Product Development can also suffer from a lack of cross-communication. Comevo’s software can not only be used for training, but it can also be used to brief the sales team on the marketing plan, the marketing team on product development, and so on. Think of Comevo’s software as a shell, full of interactive and engaging features, that allows you to put your content inside, edit it and get it in front of any group for a convenient and enduring source of information.


Lean thinking is no secret, and businesses and institutions around the world are using it to streamline business practices. The Ohio Department of Administration Services, also known as LeanOhio, has adopted this way of thinking and seen over $150 million savings per year. How much could you save by streamlining systems?