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Libraries across the country are tasked with an important responsibility to properly train employees and volunteers. This task can become increasingly difficult considering:


1. Countless organizations are highly under-staffed which leaves little time for in-person training by management.

2. For many libraries, volunteers make up a large part of their workforce. Volunteers’ schedules are usually jam-packed, making it difficult to coordinate in-person trainings that accommodate everyone.


An effective and time-efficient solution is online training, an option that management sometime overlooks. Online training can be extremely useful when it comes to orienting new employees and volunteers on organization rules, safety, security, and even onboarding paperwork. You can also create numerous organization-specific trainings like finance, marketing, services, culture, technology, and administration. With online orientation, its simple to provide a wide array of training courses without adding an additional workload to management.

Library Quote

Rochester Public Library, a current Comevo client, began using online training software to orient all new employees and volunteers. Since each constituent is different, the flexible software allows Rochester Public Library to create “forks” in each orientation, which customizes each program to the trainee.

Audrey Betcher, Director of Rochester Pulbic Library, appreciates the intangible benefits online orientation software provides. “So often with a new employee you jump into the ‘what [to do]’ and the orientation really tells them the ‘why [do it]’. It gives employees a real connection that I think is extremely important on why we do what we do”.

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