Mohnacky Animal Hospitals

Janet Walkenhorst wears many hats for Mohnacky Animal Hospitals including Social Media Marketing Manager and Training Director & AVIMark Specialist. So, who better to tell us what Comevo has really provided for their new online training program?

Tell us about your experience using Comevo’s Launch™ Online Orientation and Training software.

We were looking for a solution to our in-person orientation – with COVID-19 looming its ugly head and social distancing becoming the norm along with Zoom meetings, this became a feasible answer.

How has Comevo’s Launch ™ Online Orientation and Training software helped your business’s individual needs?

Having our orientation and training programs online reduced staff travel time and saved money all around. Our employees love the online training and get through the training quickly.

Can you give some examples of how your online orientation has helped you save money? Staff time? Other indirect costs?

We would generally have a monthly, all-day orientation at our corporate office. This meant taking employees out of our hospitals and a loss of revenue each month. Human Resources staff was also tied up each time.

What are some of the advantages you’ve noticed between online vs. in-person orientation/training?

The formal online training pairs nicely with in-hospital training and nothing is missed – training is documented and testing proof may be added to employee files. Online actually takes up less time.

Do you have advice for those considering using online orientations/trainings for the first time?

Online training makes total sense – and is probably here to stay. Just do it.

Do you have advice for those who are currently using or producing online orientations for the first time?

Think about your strategy and what you want from online training first – we felt using voice over was a great idea, but we wanted to get the process going quickly so we haven’t completed that yet. We can always go back and revise it later.

How is your online orientation helping with COVID-19-related measures and accommodations?

It takes care of the COVID ongoing problem perfectly. Distance training works in these times.