According to the NCES, there are more than 2,700 colleges to choose from in the US. That means a lot of choices for incoming students.  As an educational institution, you want to be sure you have the best and brightest wanting to attend your school.

To spark interest among prospective students, we’ve provided some tips and strategies to keep in mind while preparing school tours, website content, or any prospective student material.

Strut Your Stuff

Does your school have a great interactive website? A strong presence on social media? Unique study abroad opportunities? Whatever your strong suit is, you want to be sure prospective students know all about it and how it can benefit them. Even something as small as a strong wireless network can be an added bonus for some students.

Paint the Whole Picture

Education isn’t the only thing on students’ mind when deciding on which school to attend. Keep in mind that students are also deciding where to spend the next 2-5 years of their life, which isn’t all about the campus. Make sure students know about the surrounding area by sharing activities, restaurants, and the culture of the town or city your school is located in.

Talk to Your Current Students

One of your best resources is right in front of you: your students! Each and every student had to make the same decision when they came to college, so find out why they chose your school. Having students participate in tours or give video testimonials on how they made their decision will allow a better connection with prospective students.

Predict the Future

For many, the end goal of college is to obtain a marketable degree that will land a job. By sharing alumni success stories with prospective students, they can feel more confident that your school is the right choice. Also, sharing alumni’s current jobs and majors can give students an idea of what career paths they can follow with a certain major.

Give Them Your Best First Impression

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