If you have a video file that you would like us to upload, please send the file to us at support@comevo.com. You will need to use a file sharing program such as, Dropbox, Transfer Big Files or Media Fire. They have light versions that are free. Most video formats are supported in the orientation, including:

  • .MOV
  • .MP4
  • Quicktime

Once your video has been uploaded, you will then be able to place it on the desired page. When the video is placed, it will appear in the image area to the left, above the section list on our older templates and above the content on our new templates.

To add a video:

  • Using the Video drop down menu, select the video to be placed.
  • For ADA purposes, you can have closed captioning or a supporting transcript of the video. See our Closed Captioning guide for more information.
  • For ADA purposes for those who use an assisted device, type in a brief description of the video in the box directly below it.
  • Auto Play can be selected so that when the user gets to that page, the video will automatically start to play. This can conflict with an assisted device.
  • While playing, the user will have an opportunity to select Full Screen view if they are having a hard time seeing the video. It will not take them out of the orientation/training. To return to the orientation, the user simply clicks on ESC or the Full Screen icon.