How to Create a Nudge™ Non-Completion Message

At the Select Action Screen in the Management Console click Nudge™.  At the Manage Nudge Message dropdown, create a new message or use the dropdown to select an existing message to edit and select GO.

At the Edit Nudge™ Message screen you can Create or Edit an existing Nudge™ Automated Message.

  • Use the Message Name field to name your Non-Completion Message.
  • Provide the Sender Email Address you have chosen for your Non-Completion Message. (*Note- only one Sender can be assigned to this field. Anyone taking the Orientation can also respond to the sender. If you do not wish for the person receiving this message to respond a message can be typed into the body of the email message indicting that the person should not respond to this email message)
  • Assign the Email a Subject such as “Incomplete Online Orientation” and then create the Body of your message.

  • Below the Body of your message you will choose the Nudge™ type: Launch Non-Completion.
  • Select the Launch Module for this Non-Completion Message. Each message can only be used For Non-Completion Messages
  • Select the date to Begin Sending Messages and the Date to Stop Sending Messages.
  • Enter the Number of Days from the Last Login you would like to have the messages sent. If you would like multiple messages sent out at different times from when they last logged in, you can create multiple Non-Completion email reminders with different body messages. Each email reminder created has its own message, with a unique name. The Number of Days Since Last Login will be used to reflect the different time sequences you have chosen to send each email reminder.

Once you are satisfied with your Message you can Save the Non-Completion Message. There is also an option to Delete the message or Cancel the changes. If you need to create a New message, you can do so at this screen by selecting New.


**After you have created your Non-Completion Messages and are ready to “Go Live” with Nudge™ please contact our Customer Care Department to acknowledge you are ready to begin using Nudge™. ***