Now it’s time to begin creating pages. First, you will need to make sure a section has been created. Select the section to manage and let’s get started creating your first page.

When you selected “Manage” in the section box, a new screen appeared.  To create your first page, use the box on the right titled “Create New Page”.

We’ll talk about the first three boxes here:

  • Page Title: Type in the name you want for the title of the page. The Page Title will be displayed at the top of the page above the text of each page, such as “Create a New Page” is here. This can be edited at any time.
  • Location: As you did when you created a section, use the dropdown menu to select the location of your page. If this is your first page, you will only have one location, but this menu will grow as pages are added.
  • Page Type:
    • Text: This is your editor where you can type in your content or copy and paste it from a text document.
    • Capture Form: This feature is only available with certain packages. Please email for more information.