Great, you have published and gone “Live”. Now what? Depending on your plan to make available the online orientation, the next steps can apply for most situations. If you plan to have your users access through your portal, please have your IT department contact us.


  • Click on “Add to Website”.
    • A screen will appear with the following information:

  • If your online orientation/training is going to be accessed through your website, the HTML code will need to be given to your IT department. They will then place the link on a page for access.
  • If your online orientation/training link is going to be emailed out to the users, you will need to copy the URL starting at the “http” and ending at “mod2”. Your URL will be different.
  • You can add an “s” to the “http” to make it secure.
  • If you wish to have your online orientation/training go through your portal, please contact us at for more information.