The package includes several features such as a custom production schedule and planning assistance.

Comevo, a software company that inspires to improve communication through the tools they develop, specializes in online orientation and training software. Comevo is currently offering a personalized content consulting package to their customers to help them better navigate the world of online orientation.

The package includes several features such as a step-by-step program to help transition from on-ground to online orientation; personalized project management and planning assistance; a custom production schedule; and a weekly status check-in among other features.

“We have helped hundreds of schools create online orientation experiences for their students, and we have a variety of best practices to share,” said Jeff Sauer, Comevo’s content consultant. “The coaching also gives us the chance to really get to know the unique people, culture and services each school offers. To me, the most important part of the coaching service is that we create a partnership that yields a better, more beneficial online orientation experience for students.”

Additional parts of the service include guidance with writing, editing, design and photography including assistance in uploading and placing that content within the Launch™ Orientation and Training software program.

The need for a content consulting package became apparent when schools were scrambling to put together an online orientation for fall under a short deadline using their existing content. According to Comevo Vice President of Strategic Sales Doug Sawyer, administrators were feeling a great deal of stress and anxiety being faced with the expectation of producing a high quality online orientation with little to no previous experience.

“Content Coach provides administrators with sideline guidance and advice on producing a quality, new student online orientation module on-time and with less stress,” said Sawyer. “Hiring a coach is a good idea when you have a tight timeline to do something important that you’ve never done before.”

Many schools, from community colleges to four-year universities, have already purchased the package and work closely with Sauer including Director of First Year Experience and Student Leadership Kati Hultman-Schlabach from the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“This world of online orientations was a completely foreign land for me, and Jeff was the perfect tour-guide,” said Hultman-Schlabach. “Pulling together a full orientation in about 6 weeks was no small feat, but Jeff made it feel like a manageable process.”

Sauer and Hultman-Schlabach worked closely to successfully reach University of St. Francis students with consistent, important and helpful information. The partnership was so effective that Hultman-Schlabach says she sees the long-term benefit to using Comevo after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

“I would recommend Comevo to anyone who is looking for an online alternative or supplement to their on-ground orientation,” said Hultman-Schlabach.

Comevo’s content consulting package includes coaching for up to six months and, for existing clients, can be purchased separately from Comevo’s Launch™ Online Orientation and Training software. To learn more about Comevo’s content coaching package email and click here to read Hultman-Schlabach’s full recommendation.