In 2012, the California Community College Board of Governors officially endorsed the Student Success Initiative, which contained 22 recommendations for California Community Colleges. Once these recommendations are implemented, the plan will “impact nearly every aspect of how community colleges operate”.


SB 1456 (also known as the Student Success Act) is one of the first steps in implementing the recommendations of Mandated Services, BOGFW Conditions, and the Student Support Initiative. According to the act, funding will be targeted to the core services of Orientation, Assessment, and Student Education Planning. In addition, funding should be used to leverage technology to reach a great number of students (2.3).


To ensure the implementation, the BOG (Board of Governors) is required to develop policies to require student participation in ALL core services through a reasonable, phased-in implementation period.


This fiscal year, the funding process for core services of orientation, assessment, and student educational planning began. This meant 112 educational institutions needed to create a system and plan to begin implementing the core services. So what are CCC’s doing to comply with the act?


To address compliance requirements, Napa Valley College has developed 5 Task Forces (Orientation, Assessment, SEP, MIS, SSSP). In order to make mandatory orientation achievable, NVC has also made online orientation available to all students. To ensure all students are informed, NVC created an entire section of its website dedicated to the core services indicated in the Student Success Act.


Cabrillo Community College also has a Student Success & Support program webpage, outlining the three core services that all new students must complete for priority orientation. Cabrillo Community College leverages technology in its core services as well, offering orientation online for more convenient and timely completion. To assist students in creating an SEP, it offers workshops to inform and educate students on the matter.


Santa Barbara City College, Bakersfield College, Fresno City College, and many more have also begun offering online orientation, making it easier for students to complete one of the core services. In order to develop Student Education Plans for all new students, many institutions have created counseling workshops, where students can sign-up online to attend. Fresno City College even offers an online SEP screening, which informs students on what they’ll need for an SEP and expedites the process.


According to the act, funding will be allocated based on the number of students who attend orientation and whether institutions fully implement technology strategies for orientation.


Comevo and Orientation


Comevo’s online orientation services allows an efficient and effective way to reach all new students, highly increasing new student orientation completion rates. With online orientation, results can be easily monitored through Section Reviews and a Final Test Monitor—allowing for organized completion records. Also, by leveraging our latest technology for the core services, schools can receive greater funding consideration.


Comevo and SEP


Another core service, Student Education Planning, is causing California Community Colleges to create additional committees and workshops to satisfy the recommendation. In order to create an efficient process for Student Education Plans, Comevo is creating a tool, Fillable Forms, which allows clients to develop their own forms and integrate them within the online module. This will be instrumental in the development of an abbreviated SEP for each student.


By utilizing these services, Community Colleges have the tools needed to satisfy 2 of the 3 requirements (Orientation and SEP) needed to comply with the Student Success Act. To speak with a member of the Comevo team about services offered, contact or


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