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Online Orientation Software for Primary and Secondary Education

Comevo’s Launch™ Online Orientation and Training software is scalable and allows users to streamline communication to their students in primary and secondary school. K-12 students have a wide range of attention spans and need for engagement especially when it comes to important programs such as elementary and middle school orientations.

Presentation slides and other free platforms may be helpful in providing orientation content to students remotely — but they are outdated and overused. While they do a good job at displaying the information you need to convey, they are limited in their capabilities and do not engage students in an effective way.

Often times presentation slides are jam packed with information, information that most students may not even retain due to overload.

Comevo combats this issue by allowing for videos, photos and quizzes to be embedded in each module. You can track the pace at which your users go through each module and can actively engage them at different points of the orientation or training with pop-up quizzes or fun ice breaker questions with results that can be tracked and analyzed in module reports.

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