Comevo Employees: We need your help!

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We have a tremendous source of pride in our employees and want to find other individuals who also share the same core values that we do.  And who better to identify and recommend candidates whose skills align with our mission than Comevo employees who support our goals on a daily basis?

Our employee referral program encourages you to introduce your talented friends, family members, or former colleagues to career opportunities at Comevo.


Want to know what positions are award-eligible for $200?

Check out the Careers Page on the Comevo website for current opportunities.

Earn $200! It’s easy. Refer your friends or colleagues to Comevo for any open position. If they are hired, and are employed for 90 days or more, you make $200. It’s as easy as that. There is no maximum. You can do this over and over.

We know that like minded individuals befriend one another so we are turning to you to help us out.

Contact for more information.