Matthew Martinez - East Los Angeles College

2020 Scholarship Recipient: $1,000

Growing up in East Los Angeles, overcoming the obstacles of living in poverty, rather than choosing to ignore the unfortunate events that I had to overcome, I chose to embrace them and use them as fuel to keep going. My academic goal is to become a doctor. It is all I have ever worked for, sacrificed for, and constantly dream of becoming. My main motivation for wanting to become a doctor is to help motivate and inspire my community to reach their potential and dream big. Unfortunately, gang violence, lack of resources, not enough support, and having to survive day-to-day, make it incredibly difficult to pursue higher education. With many students, like myself, having to worry not only about academics, but whether or not there will be food, light, or even hot water, access to scholarships and aid is crucial to continue our schooling. The purpose of my immensely aspirational goal of becoming a doctor is to help elevate the people within my community, help them to think bigger, to establish a mindset of perseverance and purpose. I believe there are vast amounts of potential in my community and my main goal in life is to invest in my community. I want to be a resource to those in need of well-being and health, to provide guidance, but more importantly, bring hope to my community. If I can be a resource or a mentor in any way, then I will feel that I did my part to help my community. Bringing back new concepts and perspectives from places that I may have been to, or knowledge I may have gained in a classroom, I hope will help to guide future student’s through the challenging, but extremely rewarding experience of pursuing higher education. Becoming a doctor is my dream, but only because it is my life’s goal to be of service to my community and help uplift people the way my community has helped me.

Josephy Nguyen - Wichita State University

2020 Scholarship Winner: $2,000

My name is Josephy and I am in my first semester of the Dental Hygiene Program at Wichita State University. I plan on using this scholarship to help pay for next semester’s tuition and textbooks, because we know how expensive that can be! When I’m not in school or working I love to hang out with friends and goof around. Fall is my favorite season and I LOVE Halloween! I will never say no to watching a scary movie with a bunch of snacks. I also love meeting new people and making friends! Fun fact: I despise running but when everything was shut down because of COVID-19 I ran at least a mile every single day to stay active.

Dzidzielia Portillo - Lone Star College

2020 Scholarship Winner: $1,000

As a little girl I have always had an interest in animals and wildlife. I loved to draw and paint portraits of them, feed every stray, and just spend most of the day outdoors. At 7 years old I knew I wanted to become a veterinarian. I’ve owned a variety of animals and just love caring for them. I am now currently a sophomore at Lone Star college where I plan use my scholarship to finish my basics then transfer to a four year university and complete my studies. Although this year has been challenging, I am determined to finish strong and am very thankful for this amazing opportunity.

Daniel Redden - Los Angeles Trade Technical College

2020 Scholarship Winner: $1,000

I truly feel fortunate to have received this scholarship offered to me by Comevo. This also boosts my morale to be prepared for new challenges during my semesters and also in life. $1000 is a huge scholarship and I will utilize this privilege to buy course books, materials and tools that are needed in order for me to better do my job as a future-Automotive Technician.

Catherine Roman - California State University Fullerton

2020 Scholarship Winner: $2,000

My name is Catherine but most people call me Cat! I am a third year molecular and biotechnology major at Cal State Fullerton and hope to get my PhD one day. I was completely honored and grateful once I found out I won this scholarship. I want to use this scholarship towards the graduate programs I hope to attend to eventually work in higher education. Growing up in Los Angeles in a predominantly Latino community made me want to inspire other individuals like myself to go into STEM and stay in school.

Matthew Vinciguerra - Citrus College

2020 Scholarship Winner: $1,000

My name is Matthew Vinciguerra. I am a neurobiology major currently attending Citrus College where I am president of the club Doctors of Tomorrow. After Citrus College I will be attending University of California, Irvine. I am currently pre-med and plan on becoming a neurologist after medical school. My main reason for becoming a doctor is to help people. Nothing hurts me more than seeing someone in need of medical advice or medical attention and not being able to help them. Once I am a doctor, I will be able to! I plan on using this greatly appreciated scholarship to help me pay for tuition. Thank you Comevo for selecting me as a winner of this scholarship. I greatly appreciate it!