Malika Oldman - Utah State University

2021 Scholarship Recipient: $2,000

Yá’át’ééh (Hello), my name is Malika Oldman. I am the Towering house clan (Kinyaa’áanii), born for the Red House clan (Kinłichíi’nii). My Maternal clan is the Bitter Water (Tódích’íi’nii) and my paternal clan is the Mud (Hashtł’ishnii). I’m from the Navajo Nation and I’m currently attending Utah State University. I will be changing my major to Biology to become a Physician Assistant. I did receive my Certified Nursing Assistant at USU during the fall of 2020. I work part-time at my local clinic and I’m a full-time student. I wish to help with my community and become a role model for the Native youth. I am very fortunate to receive this scholarship as I will be putting it towards my next semester. Ahéhee’ (Thank you)

“My grandchild, education is the ladder. Tell our people to take it.”

-Chief Manuelito (Hastiin Chʼil Haajiní)


Emily Smith - New River Technical and Community College

2021 Scholarship Winner: $1,000

My name is Emily Smith, and my dream is to be a nurse.  As a chronically ill woman living in Appalachia, I have a long history of receiving inadequate medical care.  My hope is that one day—hopefully in the near future—I will be able to provide to a patient the type of care I always wished I could receive for myself.  I hope to advocate for my patients to receive accessible healthcare that is delivered with compassion.  I’d like to sincerely thank Comevo for offering me the opportunity to pursue my dream career.  I am truly forever grateful.

Sasha Alcorta - Texas A&M University: Corpus Christi

2021 Scholarship Winner: $2,000

My name is Sasha Alcorta and I’m currently in my Senior year at Texas A&M University: Corpus Christi. I’m an EC-6 Education major with a focus in reading. This scholarship will allow me to continue studying to become an educator. To continue studying to change the lives of the future students who will walk into my classroom. I want to be the teacher who students know they can come to if they need someone to talk to or need a safe place to be themselves. I want to create an environment where students feel heard, supported, safe, and cared for. Being a teacher that makes a difference is part of my short and long-term goals, and I can’t express my gratitude to Comevo enough for helping me reach them. Thank you!

Daniela Perez Gavira - Santa Monica College

2021 Scholarship Winner: $1,000

I am Daniela Perez Gavira. I’m an eighteen-year-old first-gen student from Compton, California. I am currently studying at Santa Monica College, working on a transfer to UC Davis with an Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity major. I plan on becoming a veterinarian who dedicates their work to helping those in need. I see myself on the frontlines of climate disasters, helping animals who have been caught in the middle of it. I also plan to return to low-income communities like Compton, which have a large farming community but no access to veterinarians who both have experience with farm animals and are understanding of the financial situation of the community.

Lauren Owens - Lone Star College

2021 Scholarship Winner: $1,000

Howdy! My name is Lauren and I am in my first year of Diagnostic Sonography in Adult Echocardiography at LoneStar College. My goal is to bring much-needed cardiac and diagnostic ultrasound resources back to the rural community. My daughter was born with a small heart defect that has to be monitored with echocardiography as she grows up. Coming from my hometown, we have limited options for our healthcare and often had to go out of town for basic diagnostic testing. In 2019, I was working the front lines of the COVID crisis as a nursing assistant in ICU and freestanding nursing home, it was there I saw how quick access to supplement oxygen and echocardiography to monitor heart function impacted life or death situations. After my associate at LoneStar, I plan to go the Texas A&M for a bachelor’s in Public health and become the 3rd generation of Aggie grads.  I hope to help bring resources back to our farming communities with my education. Thank you so much for the scholarship, this will help me with my textbooks and tuition. Thank you and Gig’em!

Nicole Saenz - Lone Star College

2021 Scholarship Winner: $1,000

Howdy! My name is Nicole. I am an eighteen year-old freshman trying to figure out what I want to do in life. I am from all over the place, but mostly from South America. Not long ago I rediscovered the passion for reading that I once had in fifth grade. My go-to genres are murder mysteries or romance. The last book I read was “The Guest List” by Lucy Foley. Let me just say, I finished in two days. That is how good the book was. Besides reading, I love lifting. Those two things pretty much sum up my life and how I got through lockdown. I am looking forward to finishing my studies and major in Biomedical Engineering and dream of one day working in the prosthetic department at a hospital.